Planning your wedding and the beginning of a beautiful life together includes one of the most romantic and memorable experiences in a life time - The Honeymoon!  

Your honeymoon is a celebration of the beginning of your marriage and the many life events to come.

Madison Travel Company (MTC) has been planning honeymoons around the world.  Whether you choose a five star tropical resort in the Caribbean or Hawaii or choose to spend idyllic days in Greece or Italy, MTC will handle everything necessary for you to have the honeymoon you have always dreamed of. 

Kylan is MTC’s Honeymoon Specialist. Her training and expertise assure a dream honeymoon with all the magic that is you.

MTC is partnered with Honeymoon Wishes to provide the bride and groom a personal honeymoon registry. This partnership enables your wedding guests to contribute to your magical celebration. Just click the link below to begin designing your very own complimentary honeymoon registry web site or contact Madison Travel Company for more details.

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