Gently rambling, eagerly flowing, wilding rushing........ River cruising has fast become one of the most preferred ways to travel.  Your river cruise ship becomes a luxurious floating hotel as you meander the waterways of ancient lands.  Many luxury cruise lines offer all inclusive cruises with butler service, exquisite dining and beverages, and exclusive excursions into the most beautiful and exotic villages.  The cruise ships are spacious yet intimate with every amenity you could wish for.  

With Europe's legendary waterways, or a journey along Egypt's Nile or China's mighty Yangtze, you will come to know their distinct personality and learn of their long and fascinating history.  So which ever river you choose to cruise, you can count on Madison Travel Company for their expertise and specific recommendations based on your individual preferences and desires.  


Nothing says "Paradise" quite like soft ocean breezes, swaying palm trees and luxurious accommodations available in the Caribbean.  Like sparkling jewels in turquoise waters, the islands of the Caribbean offer endless beauty and charm. You can sunbathe on a pink-sand beach in Bermuda, snorkel in crystal-clear waters off Antigua or enjoy world-class shopping in St. Thomas.  

Each of the Caribbean islands offers an unrivaled resort setting, with lavishly appointed accommodations, award-winning dining and an amazing array of activities. Madison Travel Company makes planning your Caribbean get-away easy and enjoyable.  

If you think Alaska is only glaciers and frozen tundras you need to take another look at one of the world's most popular destinations.  The sheer drama and size of Alaska will have you in awe of this magnificent place.  You will be amazed by massive glaciers ten or more stories high, mountains that rise through the clouds and towering granite walls whose waterfalls tumble to the see.  Alaska's wild life will thrill you as you see bears fishing for salmon, bald eagles soaring the skies and  whales swimming along the rugged coast line.  

At Madison Travel Company, we think one of the best ways to experience Alaska is by land and sea.  Sailing past the glaciers in Glacier Bay National Park and then boarding a train to take you into the Denali Wilderness allows you to experience all that Alaska has to offer.   Contact MTC to plan your Alaska adventure.